I was born in Philadelphia PA, but was raised on the good ole country roads of The Carolinas. I granulated from Stall High School here in North Charleston and also attended Trident Technical College here in this great State. I served this country honorably from 2006-2010 in the United States Army, came home from Iraq and decided that I had a lot more to give to my community. I decided to start a Local business, to help employ my community, drive the value of my community up, while at the same time providing relief to homeowners and businesses in search of and honest and reputable company who will take care of their issues without causing more problems. This situation gave life to Edmonds Property Restoration and Repairs LLC. We love and thank our community, we would not be here without all of you! 


Our mission statement is to take care of our customers from our first meeting, providing valuable information that will give our guest continued value even if they don’t choose us! Being transparent is who Edmonds Property Restoration and Repairs LLC is.
Our company prides itself in our commitment to excellence. We provide quality builds and repairs from our team of local talented and experienced pros from the Charleston area. Since 2016 we have been providing homeowners, renters, and businesses with home improvement services at a quality price. Customer service and the relationship we have with the community takes priority in every job assigned to my team. Edmonds Property Restoration & Repairs will always chose quality and relationship over a fast sell and quick repair.

Meet Our Team

OUR Team

Shawn T Edmonds Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

Maureen T Snipe

Chief Financial Officer

Shane A. Ellis

Digital Creative & Media Designer

Lorenzo Johnson

Company Manager